Successful leadership in times of constant change


Society is changing – how does it affect you? Digitalization, globalization, urbanization, global value shifts, information explosion, raised customer expectations, demographic changes, new business models, artificial intelligence, climate change and sustainability are all examples of strong forces which are parallell moving at full speed, fundamentally changing our society.

How does all of this change affects us as organizations and individuals? What will happen in your industry? How to begin a journey of transformation and make sure it becomes successful? How to gain the insights and the courage to be able to navigate in a time of constantly increased speed and uncertainty? What leadership is necessary?

We offer inspirational lectures and workshops about change management, business innovation and digital transformation.

Everything Changes – Seven principles for successful change management

Language: English, Swedish
Length: About 1 hour (1 – 2 hours)
Speaker: Jerker Lundberg
Price: Contact us for an offer

Jerker Lundberg has long experience from change management, leadership, business transformation, digital transformation, information management, sales and brand communication from both private and public sector in the Nordics. He has been engaged in several growth companies and has experience from many change and transformation initiatives. Today he is working as a change leader, advisor, management consultant, digital strategist and inspirational speaker.

Jerker talks about:

– Change Management and leadership
– External trends and future view
– Innovation, creativity and value creation
– Digitalization and digital transformation
– Corporate culture, purpose & values

Examples of previous experiences: IBM Business Connect, IT Expo Nordics, The Future of Retail, Management Events, Swedish Digital Traders Association, Smarter Commerce Day, Integration Days, Autogloben, MAF, Retail Day, Multichannel Strategy Day and several lectures and workshops for different organizations and companies in both private and public sector. Contact us for references.

”A very interesting and thoughtful lecture. Gave both inspiration and new knowledge. Jerker talked about change management in an excellent way.”

”Initiated, interesting and engaging! Good mix of concrete examples and holistic views”

”94% of the atteendes rated the lecture as very interesting or interesting”

”Strongly recommended!”

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